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  • Date: 28th February 2017
  • Venue: WeWork Hackersher Markt

Another lovely night with super like-minded people. We had two main presentations tonight and all outlined below.


“Recruiting and employment of young talents/graduates in continent” - Talk by co-organizer Moses Acquah and PriceDrummer CEO Fred

Pricedrummer is currently the only price comparison site in Ghana according to the owner Fred and this presentation expanded on the issues of recruitment, technology and challenges faced by the company. We had a remote presentation from CEO Fred from Sweden. The main points taken are outlined below:

  • Started out in Ghana and now in six countries including Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa
  • Recruited hungry students and a pay above average in Ghana as well as trust to keep them
  • Revenue is based on ads and Pay-Per-Clicks (PPCs) on the site
  • No payment module yet to purchase deals directly on site but on the road map

“ - Identifying university graduates with 10x potential impact in Africa” - Talk by Founder Arun Sharma”

10academy seeks to find top talent across Africa and by providing them internship opportunities in top companies in Africa help accelerate impact across the continent. The first pilot programme starts in the Ashesi University in Ghana in June. Presentation can be found below:

Get the slides

Fancy being a lecturer at Meltwater?

An ABAWT member Ben also gave an impressive impromptu talk about his time as a tutor at MeltWater School in Ghana and encouraged people to sign up for the similar rewarding experiencel

Some of the gang! abawt meetup #5 abawt meetup #5 abawt meetup #5 abawt meetup #5 abawt meetup #5

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