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  • Date: 30th May 2017
  • Venue: WeWork Sony Centre

Aaand our meetup is getting even bigger!!!

Last night was packed with awesome presentations and some really good contacts came out of the networking.


Mahii on “Fear of Public Speaking”

Mahi from Toastmasters had a really intriguing talk with lots of hard scientific backing facts on how the fear of public speaking should actually be tackled head on verses shied away from to improve oneself.

Toastmasters Slides: Get the slides

Abhilash on FinTech startup in Ghana - 4Lynk

4lynk provides a service to transfer money across as well as a direct linkage between end users in the Diaspora and local businesses & merchants.

4Lynk Slides: Get the slides


Sannssi from afrikaverein spoke passionately about a new programme they are pushing that aims at getting young startups with a focus in Africa connected to potential investors. You can read all about the “Young German African Business Netfu work” in his presentation.

German African Association presentation: Get the slides

Some more from the meetup! abawt meetup #6 abawt meetup #6 abawt meetup #6 abawt meetup #6 abawt meetup #6 abawt meetup #6 abawt meetup #6 abawt meetup #6 abawt meetup #6

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